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McCall Circle Drawing watercolour Intervals of Jupiter 2023.jpg
Circle Drawing: Gold/Green 1hr 47mins, 2019 

Carali McCall 
Intervals of  Jupiter I Weight of Things
Saturday, October 7th - Thursday, November 30th
Opening Reception: Saturday,  October 7th  2023  6-9 pm  Gryder Gallery  
615 Julia Street, New Orleans 70130




Carali McCall

Intervals of Jupiter | Weight of Things 

Saturday, October 7th to Thursday, November 30th



Gryder Gallery presents Carali McCall’s second solo exhibition in New Orleans, Intervals of Jupiter | Weight of Things. The exhibition brings together works on paper and a series of performances that spotlight the act of drawing and artists' materials, such as graphite, paper, rock, pigment, and paint.


In her last exhibition, An Arms Reach: The Art of Endurance, McCall presented a series of mid-sized circle and line drawings made on paper and performed one of her ongoing Circle Drawing artworks: 4 hours 15 minutes. The work focused on the durational element of drawing and the limits of the body. In this exhibition, Intervals of Jupiter | Weight of Things, a collection of large-sized circle drawings is presented with sound and accompanied by a performance that furthers her exploration into the shape of a line and the surface of colour.


Artworks derive imagery from the performativity of drawing and the scale of the body. Like a continuous sequence of events, each work sits adjacent with elements not too perceptibly different and touches on the cosmological placement and understanding of things through the physicality and sound of drawing.


Canadian-born and living in London UK, McCall has earned recognition for her academic and rigorous art practice that encompasses film/video, sculpture, photography, performance drawing and writing. Her work reflects the process of making and the demanding role of the body. In past work artworks have been made by either carving through the landscape while running, drawing a continuous line with graphite for as long as possible, or holding a bit of the landscape (a rock) as an act of endurance.



Artist Talk: On the occasion of the exhibition opening welcome to join Carali McCall in conversation.


615 Julia Street, Gryder Gallery


Saturday 7th October 2023 5pm



Carali McCall lives and works in London UK; (b.1981 Ontario, Canada) studied Art and Art History, University of Toronto (2000-04), MFA Slade School of Art (2004-06), PhD Central Saint Martin’s (2007-14); co-author of ‘Performance Drawing: New Practices since 1945’ (2020). Exhibitions and live performances include: Again, and Again and Again: Serial Formats and Repetitive Actions, Vancouver Art Gallery (2012); Jerwood Drawing Prize (2017); An Arm’s Reach, Mac and Gryder Gallery (2019); Performing Rock, (MEM festival) Bilbao Guggenheim Museum (2022); Lines of Empathy, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London UK (2023).

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