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New Practices since 1945

Authored by: M.Foá, J.Grisewood, B.Hosea, and C.McCall.

Published by: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2020.

Forewords by: Anna Furse and Bonnie Marranca.

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The first book on Performance Drawing;  featuring a wide range of artists and artworks involved in the expanded field of drawing; demonstrating rigorous academic research

and establishing performance drawing as a vibrant art movement that has been progressively burgeoning since 1945. The book contextualises today’s contemporary approaches – questioning what is drawing and what is performance. 

Published: September 2020

247pp 32 bw images 

Hardback : 234 x 156 mm



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“Performance Drawing represents a highly developed record of practice-based research, tracing the developments in contemporary drawing, building on precedents that have led to emerging trends. It analyzes the radical departure from the acceptance of drawing as a canonical medium based on mark-making on two-dimensional surfaces, into real space towards performance, light projections, film and the use of new technologies. The texts brilliantly place all these developments into a clearly articulated context.”

Therese Bolliger, artist, Canada 

“While narrative forms of drawing have found favour through numerous exhibitions and publications worldwide, drawing as an inherently process-driven performative event is still lacking accessible comprehensive theoretical research. Bridging two centuries of contemporary practice, Performance Drawing will fill a huge gap for artists, teachers, scholars and art publics.”

François Morelli, Concordia University, Canada 


“A valuable historical primer that examines key examples of performance drawing from the last half-century and challenges established definitions and categorisations. The authors draw a picture of the changing boundaries between art forms, showing how the blurred lines between artistic disciplines are the product of an active performative process. In addition to practitioners, this should be read by anyone interested in emerging art practices.”

Malcolm Cook, Associate Professor in Film, University of Southampton


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Artist Book, a catalogue of works made for the exhibition, An Arm's Reach at Gryder Gallery, New Orleans. 

Essays Include Sublime Endurance, by Helen Kauder, Executive Director, Artspace, 2019;
And, Circle Drawing: A Means and an End, by  Jill McGaughey and Garlyn Gryder. 

Published in a limited edition of 200 books

© 2019 Carali McCall 
ISBN 978-1-78972-63-1

48 pp / 26 coloured images
A5 portrait  

Mohawk Eggshell White 148gsm 

Indigo printed 
Exposed sewn sections as 4 x 12pp 
300gsm cover mounted to front and back

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Lines of Empathy 
by Giulia Ricci 

16 invited artists have been asked to talk in detail about their chosen artwork on paper, with questions related to their choice of paper, media and processes used, and their relationship with the body and the senses; they have also contributed their thoughts on the impact that the pandemic has had on their individual practices. 

Edition of 200 

available at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art London

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