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Carali McCall – b. Canada, 1981; living and working in London UK

an artist whose practice is focused on performance and drawing

yet spans sculpture, video/photography, sound and writing.


In exploring experiences of time and the role of the body, McCall is interested in physicality and the thresholds of materials. Artworks have been made by either carving through the landscape while running, drawing a continuous line with graphite on paper, or holding a bit of the landscape (a rock) as an act of endurance.

Through movement and stillness, the work aims to expand conceptual-based art practices and address what it might mean to be human.  

Awarded MFA at Slade School of Art, PhD at Central Saint Martins; McCall is co-author of the Bloomsbury publication, Performance Drawing: New Practices since 1945 (2020); recent projects include movement director and artist talent for Fashion Magazine Editorials and written academic articles for Routledge; recent ‘Circle Drawing’ and ‘Performing Rock’ performances have been included at Blunk Space in California; Guggenheim in Bilbao, CLOSE Ltd Gallery in Somerset. Recent group exhibitions include Lines of Empathy at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art in London, I miss the Land but does the Land miss me? Art Seen in Cyprus; and solo exhibitions at Gryder Gallery in New Orleans, Intervals of Jupiter I Weight of Things.

EP: 01 Artists Inspired: by Nicola Blake

EP: Physicality: NOW NANCY on SohoRadio


Pisces:  Sun / Venus / Mars
10th HOUSE

Jupiter + Saturn in Libre
Moon + AC in Gemini

b. 11.03.1981 11:12am  SW Ontario Canada

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