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Carali McCall – an artist whose practice is focused on performance and drawing, yet spans sculpture, photography, film, sound and writing. Exploring physicality and the role of the body, she is interested in thresholds and working with the contents of inner intentions and drive; artworks have been made by either carving through the landscape while running, drawing a continuous line with graphite on paper, or holding a bit of the landscape (a rock) as an act of endurance and to address the weight of things. Through movement and stillness, materials are used to better understand the body in landscape and question the role of an artist today. 

Awarded MFA at Slade School of Art UCL, and PhD at Central Saint Martins UAL (thesis title, Running as Drawing); co-author of Performance Drawing: New Practices since 1945 (Bloomsbury 2020); most recent performances include a series with WRIGHT +DOYLE at Blunk Space California, 'Performing Rock' at Bilbao Guggenheim with MEM; exhibitions include  Patrick Heide Contemporary Art in London and Art Seen in Cyprus; currently working towards an unrealised performance-based artwork titled RUN VERTICAL (Running up the Side of a Building), tutoring, and developing material for a forthcoming exhibition and publication, The Body in Landscape: New Orleans, October 2023. 

EP: 01 Artists Inspired: by Nicola Blake

EP: Physicality: NOW NANCY on SohoRadio

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