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Hosted by JB Blunk Estate, a presentation of Wright + Doyle with performances by artist Carali McCall, April 27–30 at Blunk Space, Inverness California

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Circle Drawing: 2hrs 20min (Blunk Space), 2023
Shoulder Sculpture Performance (Blunk Space) 16min, 2023
Performing Rock (Blunk Space) 13min, 2023
Line Drawing with WRIGHT + DOYLE (Blunk Space) 30min, 2023

For the presentation of WRIGHT + DOYLE at Blunk Space, McCall was invited to perform a collection of artworks: Circle Drawing, Shoulder Sculpture, Performing Rock, and Line Drawing; new versions of the work were also in response to staying with Bella and Mariah in the late artist JB Blunk's house; using materials borrowed from the Blunk Estate, Inverness California. 

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