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Hosted by JB Blunk Estate, a presentation of Wright + Doyle with performances by artist Carali McCall, April 27–30 at Blunk Space, Inverness California

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Circle Drawing: 2hrs 20min (Blunk Space), 2023
Shoulder Sculpture Performance (Blunk Space) 16min, 2023
Performing Rock (Blunk Space) 13min, 2023
Line Drawing with WRIGHT + DOYLE (Blunk Space) 30min, 2023

For the presentation of WRIGHT + DOYLE at Blunk Space, McCall was invited to perform a collection of artworks: Circle Drawing, Shoulder Sculpture, Performing Rock, and Line Drawing; the new versions of the works were also in response to staying with Bella and Mariah in the late artist JB Blunk's home, using materials borrowed from the Blunk Estate, Inverness California. 

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