Performing Rock - Live Performance 13min, 7pm, 13 Oct 2021.
Hundred Years Gallery, London UK. 

PERFORMANCE CREDIT / MATERIALS : medium-sized rock (borrowed from local park), light, paper, and soundtrack of previous performances and internet downloads/collections ie. heart beat, music and Ben Rubin's interviews with athletes, We Believe We Are Invincible, 2004.

Performing Rock - Live Performance 8min, 6pm, 27 May 2022.
SÍM Residency, korpúlfsstaðir Iceland. 

PERFORMANCE CREDIT / MATERIALS: medium-sized volcanic rock (borrowed from Iceland's landscape), light, light projector, video and soundtrack of gathered field material and previous performances. swimming documentation (drone by Lorenzo Laurent) and internet downloads/collections ie. Alexander Rudin's BACH Cello Suite # 1 1/6.


© 2022 Carali McCall

Studio Silo (Performing Rock) -  6min. McCall Farm, Huron County, Canada. 

PERFORMANCE CREDIT / MATERIALS : documented with drone, farm silo, medium-sized rocks (from local field), paper, yard stick, athletic resistance band, plank of wood.